Narcyss is a wellness brand for the modern citizen that is inclusive, aspirational and inspirational. We believe it’s ok to enjoy a Negroni or two at dinner and to do yoga in the morning, it’s ok to get high and go running when you come down, it’s ok to do what you can to age in a healthy way, not in an ”anti” way. The Narcyss philosophy of “a life well lived”, modern wellness and healthy ageing is a welcome perspective in the beauty industry.
Created by Gustaf Törling in 2021, the brand uses the founders’ experience as a Creative Director within the fashion and beauty industry to inform its bevy of premium wellness products through an extravagant experience and aspirational direction.

Formulated in our boutique lab in Paris and manufactured in Lille, the Narcyss skincare collection “Regime No1” uses a small-batch production method to ensure a high level of quality and detail. Employing a blend of adaptogens as its active ingredients Narcyss have created a comprehensive skincare regime that focuses on protecting and repairing the skin through the use of a cleanser, serum, moisturiser, eye care and night mask.